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Maslow’s Pyramid Gets a Makeover | Miller-McCune Online

Maslow’s Pyramid Gets a Makeover | Miller-McCune Online.

Here is an article worth reading.  Should Maslow’s hierarchy  of needs pyramid be revised, or worse, disposed of?  This guy replaces the top of Maslow’s pyramid, “Self Actualization” with “Parenting”.  He also adds two levels, and combines all levels so they are all attached, and feed off of one another.

Kenrick, the guy who is sabotaging Maslow’s pyramid, seems to be heading in a direction that reminds me of my Imago Relationship Therapy work.  Focused on relationships, parenting, and feelings, among other things.

I think both pyramids can live in harmony, and like how Kenrick made his pyramid progressive, so that each level can coexist with the others in harmony.

See what you think for yourself.  I’ll be posting an updated version of an older blog posting I did on my previous blog, about Chip Conley’s book, “Peak” about Abraham Maslow’s pyramid and ideas.  It’s about living up to your full potential.  Good stuff!  🙂


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