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Welcome to Mommy DeLight!

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Here I will be posting thought-provoking things (within several relevant topics) to think about. 🙂

Everyone goes through life wondering what the heck they are doing (for the most part); I am no different. None of us are pros at living. We are all trying the best we can to find our way through the world, to the special niche that makes us happy, safe, comfortable, and fulfilled. We build our personality, our education, our beliefs and perspectives, then our families and houses, jobs and companies and “real lives”. Shit just keeps getting more complicated from there; money, e-mails, friends, mental sanity, emotions, health, crises, the list goes on…

What does it take to consistently achieve your goals, to experience life at the peak of your maximum potential, constantly growing, remaining curious, content, and accepting of the world and what happens around you? That’s what I’m working towards. You may want to familiarize yourself with Abe Maslow’s pyramid of needs. This blog will focus on the top of that pyramid, of self-actualization. I like to believe that all parts of any pyramid coexist in harmony, and you do not lose the bottom layer as you work your way up to the top. You will see what I mean when you google Maslow‘s Hierarchy of Needs (check out the images) and realize that you cannot live up to your full potential (and be self-actualized) if you do not maintain the bottom layers of the pyramid, consistently working on each level throughout your life. Chip Conley knows a LOT about Maslow. Check out his site:

If you have a quirky sense of humor and/or enjoy random bits of interesting information that you can directly apply to your own life, then you will like it here!

You will also get to know me by default, as everything written on this blog is from my own perspective… Please feel free to share yours with me in the comments box, so we can learn from each other!

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