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What She’s Watching

What I’m Watching.  My new writer friend  (Julie) has spent a long part of our short friendship explaining to me how wonderful documentaries are and how long she can spend watching them, one after the other after the other after the other after the other…  So today I’m surfing online, and what do I find?!?!  On my new friend Julie’s blog is list of documentaries she’s enjoyed.  Hello, where was this list when we were talking over wine, beer, and cigarettes?  She made documentaries sound so good that I wanted to watch one right away.  But where does a semi-ignorant person like myself find good documentaries worth watching?   On Julie’s blog.  Check it out here and read her other funny and insightful musings…   (you’re welcome for the backlink) 🙂

Enjoy!  I am working on two new articles now – beards and more sunscreen!  Also to come – the rest of my beauty bag, featuring MAKEUP!  Thank you for reading…

🙂 Cheers to wonderful things!


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