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Halloween Costume Ideas

I put together some costume ideas for work, and decided to share them here!  Enjoy!

1. Super Heroes
halloween superheroes2Make a powerful statement in a cape and tights! Create your own super hero character or imitate a look from Wonder Woman, Batman (we think this will be a popular choice this year!), Cat Woman or even Spider Man! If you’re dressing up as part of a group, have each person guise themselves as a different super hero. Together, you’ll save the world in no time…

2. Zombies
shutterstock_152679671People can’t get enough of zombies! Make a truly “undead” statement with unique makeup and an outfit that will have people staring at you for all the right reasons.

3. Animals
shutterstock_133996706So many choices! A simple costume choice, all you’ll need is a pair of ears and a tail. Then, make up your face with some whiskers and pink lips!

4. Witches
halloween-witchesYou can’t go wrong with a witch costume! Get yourself a witch hat, wear all black with purple and green accents, make up your pretty face and ride your broom into the night…

5. The Many Looks of Britney Spears
halloween britneyYou’ve got lots of options with this one! From a red bodysuit and high ponytail to a shaved head and jeans, you can go all out, or just make this costume at home. If you’re doing group costumes, have each person replicate a memorable look from the pop-star’s unforgettable career.

6. Detectives
shutterstock_70029418All you need is some sexy menswear, a fedora and a magnifying glass! Maybe a pretend firearm as well…

7. The Iconic Madonna
halloween madonnaAren’t we all material girls sometimes? Deck yourself in 80’s garb, flashy jewelry, tease your hair and add some leather…

8. Flappers
shutterstock_151313114Sexy and classic, a costume from the 1920’s is sure to make you feel attractive and mysterious. Give your hair a nice up-do or ask a friend to help you. Wear red lipstick and a smokey eye.

9. Barbie
shutterstock_87948967Let out your inner Barbie! Get a spray tan, blow out your hair (or wear a platinum blond wig) and slip into something stretchy and shiny.
10. Athletes
shutterstock_144630119From cheerleaders to gymnasts to football players, you’ve got a lot of options within this costume arena! Go all out and pick up a sexy cheerleader costume or turn yourself into a fabulous football player by using a pair of sweatpants and jersey from home. Make sure your hair and makeup are perfect and you’ll be all set to play!

Happy Halloween!


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