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OOOOOOH I LOVE!!! (.com)

So I just clicked on this Facebook ad, telling me I could get designer handbags and accessories for 90% off… Knowing I have my eBay store up-and-running, and the ability to sell designer items, this seemed like a great deal! Then I realized that, on this site, the words “great deal” REALLY mean “great deal”… click here to go to their site!
I copied and pasted this so you can see how it works: “There are 5 simple steps to win a bargain on oohilove.
STEP 1: REGISTER FOR FREE and get a free bid
STEP 2: BUY A BID PACKAGE – It costs $0.99 to place a bid. Bid packages come in 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, and 800 bids
STEP 3: PICK AN AUCTION – oohilove auctions only brand new and authentic designer label handbags and accessories.
STEP 4: BID ON AN ITEM – Auctions start at $0 with no reserve. Each time you bid on an item by pressing the “bid” button:
– a bid is deducted from your account,
– the item auction price increases by 2 cents
– and the auction timer increases by 10 seconds, allowing other interested users the chance to outbid the latest bidders.(To make the auctions more exciting, during the last 30 seconds of the auction, the auction timer will not increase above 30 seconds no matter how many bids are placed.)
STEP 5: BE THE LAST BIDDER – If you are the last bidder when the auction timer reaches zero (ie. 00:00:00), congratulations, you have won the auction at! Pay the final auction price and shipping fee and the must-have handbag or accessory will be sent to your delivery address. Depending on how many people bid, you can save up to 90% off retail price!”
Click here to check it out! here


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