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I started this on June 14, 2010 and just found it…  Wow!  Have my views changed since then!   Just thought I’d share how brainwashed I was…  I am adamant that my future does not include another MLM company!   In my opinion, it’s hard and nearly impossible to succeed…  I want a TRULY level playing field, without feeling like someone just wants me to sign up for something!

“So there will be more to come on this, but I wanted to send out a quick post… I’m involved with a company that was launched in November of 2009, by a super-billionaire real estate mogul, and have been really excited about the products and structure of the company. Imagine getting into Amway or Mary Kay right when they started up. This “pyramid structure” is definitely beneficial for those people who jump right in, before everything is settled and the company has assimilated into the industry. That’s what I’m doing, and trying to find other, like-minded people who see the huge opportunity in this. Another benefit to the pyramid structure of business is that it really levels the playing field. You start your own pyramid, and depending on how hard you work and the types of people you sponsor into your business, your organization (pyramid) can grow to INFINITY! No kidding. I’m just not there yet.”


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