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Happy Birthday, Helen Keller!

So I was talking to my little cousins, (ages 5,7, & 9) and they each have an iPod touch. I’ve got an iPhone, so they were showing me all their cool apps and I was downloading them! You know, the good ol’ app-sharing conversations which have become so popular!
One that I just played with a few moments ago is called BrainPOP! It shows an informative video every day, then quizzes you on it. Made for school-aged children, but I found it very inspiring. Today’s “brain pop” was about Helen Keller, as she was born today, June 27, in 1880. The video told her story, and ended with a question like, “If Helen Keller was able to accomplish so much in her lifetime with all of her obstacles, don’t you think anyone could do extraordinary things in their own life?” What a lesson to teach a kid! The app could have stopped with the information about Helen Keller, but to add a subliminally inspiring message at the end, that will make a child think about what great things THEY can do with their life, is something that took the whole learning message to another, higher level of thinking. I was quite impressed! It even reminded me that I should be grateful for my health and strength, and use it to my full advantage.
It is about not being afraid to live up to your greatest potential.


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