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Part One – Internet Marketing Review/Tools and Steps

Started on Tuesday, 13 July 2010

This is a review/summary of what I’ve learned about Internet marketing so far, through my trials and attempts to succeed in my network marketing business, among other things (like finishing my degree in Marketing!).   I’m still a full-time student, currently 22 years old, with a two-year-old daughter, happy relationship with her father, and lots of plans for the future.  Recently, I took a step into the world of Internet marketing in hopes of learning how to market my MLM business (The Trump Network), along with my blog, website, and boutique ideas, while giving me supplementary education to what I am learning at my university.  I was also hoping to generate some sort of income…

So here it is, Internet marketing (specifically targeted for network marketers, but can also be used as a general outline for marketing almost anything).  There is a lot of bullshit out there.  There are a lot of people “trying” and not succeeding, including myself at this point.  The action necessary to be successful in network marketing is more than most people expect, and are disappointed when they realize this, so they give up.  I’m close to giving up right now too, so I figured I would write down part of what I’ve learned thus far, for educational purposes!  This information will, I think, serve me well in the future, should I choose to spend the time, complete the training, and take the actions necessary to succeed.   This is a blueprint of what you will learn should you choose to begin marketing on the Internet yourself.

All of the e-mails you get and hype you hear about “secret formulas” and “secrets to success” are bullshit.  They think they have a secret.  The real secret, which isn’t really hard to figure out, is that, to SUCCEED, you have to be dedicated and use your time effectively, just like you would at any other job.  You have to know what needs to get done and do it.  There is no boss here, so you have to fill that role, as well as the role of employee.  You are taking an entrepreneurial venture, and you have to be prepared to work!  If your work is effective and productive, the results will be worth your time and money spent in the early stages!   So, let’s get to it!

1.  Basically, you need to choose a “hub”, a place to put your original stuff out for the world to see.  Whether it’s a website, blog, FaceBook or MySpace page, or any other Internet “home base” that you can customize, you need something to send people to so they can learn more about what you have to offer.  Choose one or two of these to set up specifically for what you are trying to market (even if you already have a personal account), and keep fresh, original content uploaded so that people want to come back, contact you, and see what you’re up to.  Advanced marketers set up a website with a “capture page” where leads can enter their name and email to receive more information.   Even if you already have any of these social media outlets, a blog, or your own website, it is important to develop another account specifically for what you are marketing. They just assume you know that in most of the trainings I’ve seen.  I didn’t, and only recently figured it out.  I was wondering why the hell I would market my business on my personal Facebook page, when the whole point of Internet marketing is to NOT bother my friends and family!   So, get out there and develop a blog, MySpace or Facebook page, or even your own website, set up SPECIFICALLY FOR WHATEVER YOU ARE MARKETING.

2.  This is a good time to review the 30 second way to persuade someone – use it for any marketing you use…  It is a step-by-step process.  Coming soon because I have to go study Algebra now…  J


One comment on “Part One – Internet Marketing Review/Tools and Steps

  1. Chris
    September 9, 2010

    Hey Tara,

    Great post and good to see you being true to heart. I wanna help you further as I actually do care. Did you watch all the training in the back office.

    I reckon you’d be good at video marketing and social media. Its quicker and easier and FUN!

    You have to be persistent though…it wont happen over night.

    Lets connect over the phone and come up with a better game plan and work together as a team.

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