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Moral Dilemma

Think of this hypothetically: you are sick, maybe contagious, and so is your toddler. Toddler has a pediatrician appointment this afternoon. Toddler’s father and grandmother are available to take said toddler to his/her appointment, and are planning to go anyways.
Do you go with your son/daughter to support them and be there? Risk passing your germs onto others/spreading around pediatrician’s office, maybe getting other kids sick. Benefit is you are “being a good parent”.
Or, do you stay home, assured that your son/daughter will be well-loved and taken care of? Risk is your son/daughter wants/needs you and you are not there, inflicting short-term feelings of sadness, loneliness, rejection, etc. upon your child. Benefit is you don’t risk spreading your illness to other people. Maybe this is too much analysis, maybe not. I would love feedback.


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