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A Networking Pro Learns New Job-Search Tricks –

Another interesting article from WSJ – follows an old guy through a job search, with younger pros showing him “new tricks”…  Below is what struck me the most…  🙂

Note – I have to read about 15 Wall Street Journal articles every two weeks for my Entrepreneurship class, so I figured, why not share what I think would benefit others?  My professor assigned them to benefit the class, and I am passing along the knowledge!

“• Create a more visible personal brand. Mr. Langis admits he lacks a well-known brand as a turnaround specialist. He never knew he might benefit, as Ms. Whitaker suggested, from consulting for a rent-an-expert network, which provides small doses of specialized information.

Gerson Lehrman Group, for instance, has enrolled about 250,000 experts world-wide. They typically earn about $350 an hour, according to Margaret Molloy, a senior vice president of the New York concern. Clients, which include private-equity firms, tap experts’ knowledge through short phone calls or consultations over meals.

Positioning yourself as a thought leader this way will broaden your pool of potential employers, Ms. Whitaker told Mr. Langis. Private-equity companies “are not necessarily out in the market scanning for new talent all the time,” she notes.”

via A Networking Pro Learns New Job-Search Tricks –


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