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SkinCare Toys – Handheld Devices for Home Use

In the six months following my graduation from the Basic Skincare program at the Florida College of Natural Health, I spent several hundred dollars on skincare products and new devices (which I like to call toys)!  Here’s what I bought, in terms of toys:
  1. Handheld high frequency – I LOVE THIS TOY!  I use it on myself whenever I have a pimple, and have used it on clients, friends, and family.  It calms the skin and has an anti-bacterial effect; so after attacking a pimple, zap it with high frequency and it shouldn’t come back or spread to another area.  You can get one from for about $50, but I would recommend seeing a licensed medical esthetician before purchasing.  The one I bought had terrible instructions (as in, the person writing them did NOT speak English!).  Ask the esthetician to show you how their high-frequency machine works so you can become familiar with it.  Unless you know how to use high-frequency, you may end up having a “shocking” experience (get it, shocking?!?).  Remember, this is electricity we’re talking about here!
  2. Handheld ultrasound/LED light treatment – It cost about $75.  I can’t remember where I purchased this…  Lol.  But, it is a great little treatment to help with product penetration.  You have to make sure there is enough product to keep the metal part of the toy moist so that it easily glides over your skin.  I use a serum instead of ultrasound gel, just to make sure my skin is getting only the best ingredients.  The toy also has three LED light options which can be used in conjunction with the ultrasound; red, blue and green.
  3. Handheld LED light treatment; LightStim – This was the most expensive of my toys, and probably the most clinical treatment.  I purchased this beauty of a toy from a skincare convention last year.  It was purchased originally for my mom (who has rosacea), but she didn’t use it so I took it back!  It’s the Rosacea version of their light, and has both blue (anti-bacterial) and red (anti-aging) LED lights.  I haven’t used it enough to notice a huge difference in my skin; probably because I don’t have rosacea!  They also use the handheld LightStim toys at the medical spa I’m working at now, so I know the light was a good investment!
  4. Jade Roller – An ancient beauty toy containing natural minerals and cooling properties to help firm and detoxify your skin.  It is also good for product penetration.  Roll it in circles around your eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.  I just love how it feels!  There are charts to learn the best way to use a jade roller.
  5. Some other piece of CRAP (yes I fell for marketing claims and bought it from a discount website) claiming to be high-frequency – it basically electrocuted my face!  OUCH!  That POS got returned ASAP.  J

If you’re a consumer interested in improving your skin, see an esthetician first.  Once you’re comfortable taking care of your skin, try out one of these toys (just not the piece of crap)!

** Another newish trend is the use of small “micro” needles rolled across the skin.  Don’t buy one for home use.  DON’T DO IT.  Go see a trained esthetician!


You can purchase LightStim online. 🙂 Get a treatment from an esthetician first, if you can, to make sure it’s right for you!

pretty good

Got this on Amazon.


Don’t pay attention to anything written on the box or instructions. Have a professional show you how to use! You’ll love the results!


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  2. This is Awesome! Thank you so much.

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