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History of Skincare: The Great Depression, 1930-1939

Ever wonder how women cared for their skin before we were able to go to the store and pick up our favorite products???


“Although multi-step skin care would not be marketed and sold until the 1960′s, most women followed a beauty routine each day that required a number of different products. Whether rich or poor, most women used cold cream to clean their faces. Although soap was widely used, it was considered too harsh for the delicate skin of the face and was generally reserved for cleaning the rest of the body. Cold cream was made with an oil base and it could clean away dirt and grime without drying the skin. Women would apply a thin layer of the cream and then wipe it away with a soft cloth.Cleansing could be followed by applying a number of stimulants, tonics and complexion creams. Complexion creams were often used as anti aging masks and usually had a high fat or oil content. It was thought that once the fat was absorbed by the skin, it would fill out wrinkles, resulting in a smooth, youthful complexion. Only once their skin was thoroughly cleaned, enlivened, moisturized and treated would women apply the thick cream that would form the base of their makeup.”

via History of Skincare Part 19: The Great Depression, 1930-1939.


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