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Old love poem

I just found this poem that I wrote about six months before my ex and I broke up… Reading it just now brought up some emotion, but in the end, I’m glad I have this piece of writing to share…

“I’m sorry I just want an apology
Shitty be when you’re mad at me
Try and Love, bemoan, nurture and withstand
Create and grow in relationship, holding hands
Cause effect, keep our sacred space erect
Nurture it, work it out and connect
Can we do this, can we Unite?
Maintain and sustain a space so untamed?
Force our ruptures and frowns to subside?
We know the way, we know how
We know we must take action now
And every day, work the same way
Today forever, individuated and united balanced together
Keep away from exits to which we stray”
– Tara, 10 August 2010


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