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Memory Lane; Let’s go play outside!

Greetings!   A few Sundays ago, I was feeling sorry for myself. My daughter was with her dad, and I was alone in one of my “funks”. So I took a drive down memory lane to clear my head – I grew up in Miami and had a lot of places to go!  I went to my grandparents’ old house, the house I lived in with my ex and daughter for two years, my ex’s mom’s old house, my high school sweethearts old house, and my elementary and high schools.  All of these places are within the same 5 mile radius so it didn’t take that long!  Call me crazy. I probably am!  lol 😉  My last “stop” (really, they’re drive-by’s!) was the house I grew up in. As I was driving along, basking in the memories of my most carefree days, wondering if any of my old neighbors still lived there, I saw three girls playing in the driveway of my beloved old house, and my eyes welled up with tears.  I used to have so much fun playing outside, running around with my brothers, and just being a barefoot kid with dirty knees!  The girls started waving at me (perhaps they could feel my energy reaching out to them!), so I stopped and rolled down my window. They seemed a little surprised that I stopped, but still so sweet!  I told them that I used to live there and play outside just like they were doing. They all smiled nervously, and ran away to tell their dad the exciting news!  I didn’t stay; instead, I drove away with a big smile on my own face… It was so heartwarming, and somewhat relieving, to see kids taking advantage of the outdoors and playing in their yard just like I did as a child… There’s still hope!
There are so many outdoor activities that children can do, with or without their parents’ participation…  Let them be creative; and allow yourself to think like a child every once in a while!  Make up your own game (let the kids get it started!), go for a walk, take a trip to the beach…  And have fun!


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