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What to write about?!?

So today at work, I compiled a list of article ideas… I’ve been adding to this list for about four months now and it’s up to about 40 topics/ideas! While I’ve started writing several of them, I’ve only finished three!!! Now, I’m making it my goal to finish at least one “solid” article every two weeks – and posting it to hold myself accountable! While I could pump out an okay article every week (if I had the time!), I want to have the time to do the research and really think about what I’m writing about, without getting overwhelmed. There’s no rush right now, and I do have two jobs and a sweet daughter to focus on as well!
My long-term goal is to be published as much as possible; mostly because I want to share stuff with people (trying to be general here, since I cover a few different topics), but also because, selfishly, I want to be recognized! Also, my beloved grandfather was a writer and I want to keep his legacy going… 🙂
My short-term goal is to create as much relevant content as possible; content that’s really worth being shared! Specifically, I will write at least one solid article every two weeks…
Now it’s out there, and I don’t want to lose momentum! I can do this. 🙂

To anyone still reading – thank you! I wish you and everyone you know all the best…

Keep smiling. 🙂


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