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My Beauty Bag(s) Part One – Skin & Hair


my beauty bagIt’s time to do my own version of a “Beauty Bag” post!  My arsenal of products is so huge that it’s hard to keep track of what I have; it’s time to consolidate.  Doing this article gives me a reason to lay everything out and take an inventory of the products I have.  Then, I’ll do a good cleanse!

Some of these products are difficult to find/purchase without the help of a skincare professional.  Other products can be purchased from places like Sephora ( and your local drugstore.  I don’t recommend purchasing beauty products from Amazon or eBay unless you really know the seller (certain places could be selling expired, recalled, or otherwise compromised products).  However, I have been guilty of these actions myself…  Buy at your own risk!  Just make sure you’re getting quality products.

I’ve tried and used a lot of products in the past, and in the short year since I became a licensed esthetician, I have acquired countless more.  So this list is pretty extensive!  The categories I am posting now are Hair and Skin.  I will do a separate posting for makeup!!!

The ideas and opinions expressed below are my own, informal reviews.  They aren’t meant to sell products, or to bash them.  This is simply a compilation of products I have used and loved, and I am sharing my experience with you…

For your information (so you know why I have certain products!):  I have long, thick, wavy hair and only blow dry or straighten it 2-3 times a year, so it is already quite healthy.  Because I live in Miami, the humidity does make it frizzy, so I mainly use anti-frizz and smoothing hair products.  My skin is dry, sensitive, and sometimes dehydrated.  I have acne scars, and still break out occasionally.   I don’t usually wear much makeup!

So here’s the list, along with some pictures!  Feel free to comment!


  1. Phillips Light Touch 6 (or 6-P) – I have had the “mini” version of this brush for almost 15 years!  It’s seriously the best hairbrush EVER.  I have really long, thick, wavy hair.  It also brushes my daughters curly hair amazingly well!  I recently ordered a new one to keep upstairs.  I’m that lazy…  And you CAN order this on  I did.  🙂

  2. Bamboo Shine, Luminous Shine Mist by Alterna – I spray this on damp hair, then brush through. It leaves my hair smooth and soft! This is also wonderful on my daughter’s curly hair! It has a really nice smell, kind of masculine, but refreshing at the same time. I love this stuff.  Got it as a sample from one of my Sephora purchases, and had to replenish as soon as I ran out!

  3. TIGI Bed Head HeadRush – I love how this product smoothens my hair, but I don’t love inhaling the aerosol spray.  I’ve decided to finish up what I have and then discontinue use.  The Bamboo Shine mist is my new favorite!
  4. Nexxus shampoo/conditioner – Everyone in my family loves this shampoo!  Even the men!  It smells amazing and really helps contain the Florida Frizz…  🙂
  5. Moroccan Oil hair treatment – I loved this stuff after purchasing, and would like to purchase again, but I just can’t justify spending the money!  The bamboo shine spray is just as good for me… For now!



Mario Badescu enzyme wash – I have been using this for a few years and love.  Not good for removing makeup and doesn’t foam at all.  However, it gets the job done and has results too!  Regardless, I’ve been using it for so long that I am getting tired of it and will use it up then discontinue…

Eminence Stone Crop gel wash – Okay, but not to use with your Clarisonic or other rotary brush.  Somehow they don’t work together!  The cleanser doesn’t foam quite enough to provide enough slip for the brush.  Otherwise, it’s a nice, gentle every day cleanser!

Rhonda Allison milk wash – Mom loves for her rosacea…  I use it when I’m at her house.  🙂


Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask – Clears up your face and leaves it looking more radiant…  really amazing, and wonderful for acne!  A really nice pick-me-up.  Good for men!  Bought from Sephora.

Eminence Stone Crop masque – Perfect for any skin type.  Hydrating and soothing…

APIVITA Express Beauty Mask With Pomegranate – I love this mask, either to mix with another mask, or use while traveling. It provides your skin with a boost of moisture and anti-oxidants. And the mask is packaged in individual packets for single-use. They take up minimal space in my makeup bag, and give my skin that extra love it needs while I’m away from home! I was so happy to discover this mask… 🙂 Bought from Sephora.


Eminence Stone Crop serum – This is one I use every day.  I put it on at night since it is concentrated.  However, it’s quite expensive, so I will have to decide whether or not to purchase again!

Eminence Stone Crop gel – I use this every day as well, but in the morning!  Amazing for my dry skin, and really good for makeup prep.  I will definitely purchase this again.

Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid – For me, this isn’t the best product, especially since I have become so obsessed with serums and water-soluble products! But, the Bamboo Firming Fluid is so popular that I had to include it. I have tried it, and if I didn’t already have a skin routine that I love, I may have incorporated this. If your skin is aging this is a great night and day cream…

Eminence Herbal Spot Serum – The verdict is still out on this one for me, since I’ve only been using it every few days as a spot treatment for about a month. But, so far I think the results have been good! I haven’t had a breakout or pimple since I used it last! Also, it comes highly recommended at the spa I’m working at… I’m optimistic about this product and am glad to have it in my arsenal! 🙂

Touché Beauty Soothing Serum – LOVE.  The roll on helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, flushing toxins away from your face, while also stimulating collagen and elastin production…  Rolling this on around your eyes in the morning and/or at night is a wonderful, beneficial treat…  You can contact me to purchase.  The reason I sell these products is because I love them so much!

Touché Beauty Caviar Serum – Another love.  All of the Touché serums are really great, but I’m listing my favorites.  The Caviar is a favorite of my mom’s.  She has rosacea, and I’ve noticed a good difference in her skin since she’s been using it…  She has also been avoiding foods that can trigger rosacea.  But that’s another article!

Touché Beauty Marine Collagen Serum – A real basic serum that can be mixed with anything, which makes it perfect for my dry skin…  I’ll usually mix it with the eminence stone crop gel in the morning to make sure my face is fully hydrated before applying any makeup… the touché serums don’t “pearl”; they work very well in conjunction with any other good products.

Touché Beauty Lifting Serum – This is serious stuff!  I use it a few times a week and have actually watched my little crow’s feet shrink…  The main ingredient is Matrixyl 3000, which is a combination of two anti-aging peptides.  It stimulates natural collagen and elastin production, and as long as you use it, you will see less wrinkles and sagging skin.

Selma Hayek Rejuvenating night cream with lavender – My mom and I love this as an all around moisturizer.  It smells amazing and can be found at drugstores!

HydraFacial Anti-Ox 6 – If I feel like my skin needs a little something extra, I apply 2-3 pumps of this powerful serum before anything else (it is the most watery serum I have, and products should be applied from lightest consistency to heaviest)

Rhonda Allison Exotica Rhodiola treatment moisturizer – This feels like a combo serum-cream and if my face is feeling really dehydrated I make this my last step before applying makeup/spf.  My mom uses it as well, and seems to enjoy it; she keeps asking for more!

Eye & Lip treatments

Rhonda Allison eye rejuvenator – Wow!  I don’t know what ingredient is in this that makes it sparkle, but it does!  I will find out, just not now…  I trust the brand, and the product really makes me look more awake than I actually am…  J

Eminence lavender eye cream – LOVE.  I use this at night; just a tiny drop goes a long way!  It smells wonderful. I am still young and luckily don’t have many wrinkles around my eyes yet, so I cant tell if its doing anything, and I don’t want to give it to my mom to try because I love it so much.  Applying eye cream makes me feel more grown up and I’ve been doing it off and on since I turned 20!  The only thing I notice is that when I stop for a few days after having used eye cream for over a week, the skin around my eyes becomes more dry than usual, since it’s used to being hydrated by the products.  I intend to use the cream consistently now.

Eminence lip trio – This is a treatment that we offer at the spa, and it’s also wonderful for home use. It’s got a lip exfoliator, mask, and balm. Don’t neglect your kissers!!!


Eminence Stone Crop mist – I have been using this stuff for almost ten years.  For the best results, put in the fridge!  Great to set your makeup and refresh yourself.  Spray 2 pumps (one high, one low, to cover your whole face and neck) in the morning right before you leave the house, and also whenever you or your skin needs a quick pick-me-up.   Also fun to spray on other people (tell them to stand by the fridge and close their eyes, then release the mist!).  But beware, they may fall in love and leave you with no more mist…  They also make great gifts.  It’s half cosmetic and half feel-good.  J

Eminence chamomile mist – Same as Stone Crop, just a lighter consistency and different smell…  I gave this one to my mom.

Mario Badescu Cucumber lotion – Put on cotton and wipe over face after cleansing for a super clean feeling!  This really helps when I’m having breakouts.


Eminence Hungarian herbal mud treatment – This is another product I’ve known and used for almost ten years. It burns and stings like hell, and your face will be pink for a few minutes, but if you follow with a soothing mask, you’ll get back to “normal” faster.  But once your skin calms down, it won’t look like it did before! It will be smooth and radiant. I can’t even explain how well this stuff works. If you’ve got acne, use this once a week (just not over any open, bleeding spots!). You don’t even have to follow with a mask, but I recommend it… This is a pretty intense treatment, but it is totally worth it!

Clarisonic (or any) rotary brush – This is a LIFE CHANGER.  Exfoliating your skin is so important, and must be done regularly.  Don’t use a product with beads or granules unless your skin is super tough.  You can just use a rotary brush with your regular cleanser at night before bed and voila!  Watch your skin radiate.  With regular use, your skin will have the chance to bare its true beauty!  If you’re wearing makeup, wash your face manually first to remove most of it (washing your face once doesn’t usually remove all of the makeup!) and then wash again using the Clarisonic (or any other rotary brush)

The images below are some of my favorite products…  Hope you enjoyed!


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