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Women M.B.A.s Doing No Worse than Men in Recession –

Women M.B.A.s Doing No Worse than Men in Recession – The last quote in the article: “I think it’s up to women to raise their hands if they’re willing … Continue reading

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“Fatherly Advice” from Gary Rich – Advice for people entering the “Job World”… :)

So my dad sent the following bit of advice along in an email to me, and I wanted to share it with the world…  Written by Gary Rich, this advice … Continue reading

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Part One – Internet Marketing Review/Tools and Steps

Started on Tuesday, 13 July 2010 This is a review/summary of what I’ve learned about Internet marketing so far, through my trials and attempts to succeed in my network marketing … Continue reading

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Maslow’s Pyramid Gets a Makeover | Miller-McCune Online

Maslow’s Pyramid Gets a Makeover | Miller-McCune Online. Here is an article worth reading.  Should Maslow’s hierarchy  of needs pyramid be revised, or worse, disposed of?  This guy replaces the … Continue reading

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Finally I’m Back!

It’s been a while since I blogged last, which says a lot about my attention levels! We also went on vacation from June 30-July 5 and it took a while … Continue reading

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are you a procrastinator too??

Just got an email that totally describes me!  Check this guy out and definitely sign up for his newsletters if you’re a procrastinator like me! Hi Tara, Procrastination tip of … Continue reading

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Enterprise Yourself!

It is my goal to be a leader and impact peoples lives. One way will be through helping people struggling with their home businesses. Go to type in your … Continue reading

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I started this on June 14, 2010 and just found it…  Wow!  Have my views changed since then!   Just thought I’d share how brainwashed I was…  I am adamant that my … Continue reading

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OOOOOOH I LOVE!!! (.com)

So I just clicked on this Facebook ad, telling me I could get designer handbags and accessories for 90% off… Knowing I have my eBay store up-and-running, and the ability … Continue reading

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Wow… Technology!

So I totally just teared up watching one of the introductory videos for the new iPhone, about the new video feature called face time. iPhone \”Face Time\” video!

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